Advancements In Technology Have Brought Major Changes To The Legal Industry.

Law firms have exclusive and demanding IT requirements. The term Managed Service is transforming the way that the legal industry views their IT infrastructure, IT staff and IT operations. Here at Nutmeg, we are able to blend speed, agility and simplicity to minimize any challenges in managing information technology infrastructure in your legal firm. 

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Cyber Security and Compliance for Law Firms

Many people do not realize the importance of cyber security in the legal industry. Law firms have a unique need for compliance and security. They receive highly confidential information from both their clients and the clients of opposing counsel. All firms are concerned about maintaining the basic protections to secure the confidential information they are entrusted with on behalf of their clients. Information confidentiality and security are a critical key to maintaining your business, and should never be viewed as just a cost.

Cyber security has never been more important; cyber-attacks on law firms have been increasing at an alarming rate. It only takes one compromised system, application or device in your network to create a dangerous issue and liability for a law firm.

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