Wireless Solutions

Promote, Protect and Manage Your Business

Wi-Fi is now your best marketing tool

Before Armafi, WiFi was just an extra expense to a business. Now you can take advantage of WiFi and turn it into a marketing tool.

WiFi Login. Simplified. 

  1. Customers select your WiFi network
  2. Check-in with Facebook
    • Customizable login page shown to users/clients
    • Instantly expose your brand to hundreds of people
  3. Customer successfully logs in and enjoys free WiFi
    • All of their Facebook friends can see that they are at your establishment
    • Build customer and brand loyalty

Expand your brand awareness. Reach beyond your customers.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends. For every Facebook check-in at your establishment, your brand will be shared to all of their friends.

Powerful tools, customer insight, all at your fingertips.

Gain deeper insight into your customers such as age and gender from check-ins and understand peak times.

Say goodbye to WiFi passwords!

Allow your staff to spend less time answering “what’s the WiFi password?” and more time assisting your customers.

Turn first time customers into frequent customers

By offering free WiFi and specials on your check-in page, you are rewarding your customers. Turning them into loyal, regular customers.

Where can Armafi be used?

Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Car Dealerships, Small Businesses and more!