Cyber Security Simplified

The modern threat landscape for SMB (small to medium sized business) is evolving at an escalating rate.  Not only has the volume of attacks increased, but the nature and sophistication of these attacks has evolved. Breaches and attacks are becoming more effective and SMBs are losing valuable data, putting clients at risk and in some cases, closing their doors.

SMBs are facing the same threats as enterprise organizations but attackers are targeting them first as they’re typically more vulnerable.  Smaller businesses work as vendors to enterprises, so attackers often see them as the gateway to enterprise organizations.  Not having a dedicated security department, while also being a frequent target, means it can be extremely difficult to manage the risk of a breach. 

At Nutmeg Technologies, we look at where your risks are and determine how we can protect you before an attack occurs.  We help you leverage your resources in the areas where they’ll be most effective and work with you to keep aligned with the latest technologies.  Using the combined tactic of making sure what you have is optimal for your environment and up to date, you can stay protected and grow your business.

Cyber-Security Bundles for Small and Mid-size Business

Here at Nutmeg Technologies we offer businesses a variety of ways to mitigate attacks before they happen. By merging products and services into a range of unified bundles, there is always a solution to fit your business size and needs.

These bundles deliver essential business benefits:

  • Minimized risk of breaches from known attacks
  • Protect your Network
  • Faster security incident response
  • High-volume and high-accuracy threat detection
  • Safeguard your infrastructure
  • Institute policies to keep your data safe
  • Device controls on personal and business devices
  • Improved Business Continuity
  • Faster recovery times in the event of disruption