Frequently Asked Questions


  • Managed IT Services

  • What are managed services and how does this benefit me?

    “Managed Services” is an umbrella term referring to the way in which experts armed with automated tools, agents, and software help manage systems centrally, instead of maintaining every piece of hardware separately. Nutmeg’s “Managed Services” increase business flexibility and scaling, ease network management, foresee issues before they turn into problems, and helps keep client fees as low as possible by maximizing the potential of your environment.

  • How can I benefit from Nutmeg Technologies Managed IT services?

    We are a one-stop IT Services provider who can help with all of your communications and technology needs. We provide pc support, network support and server support. We offer remote and on-site services.

  • Do I need to outsource everything?

    No, our programs are customizable so we can add services to match your needs. Our Services are scalable based on the needs of your company.

  • Is it easy to implement?

    Yes, we plan the migration to fit your needs. We work with you every step of the way, taking into account every detail and any challenges of your specific environment to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation.

  • Can you support my outlying offices or people?

    Yes, much of the service is performed remotely by our support team to speed response times and reduce cost. We have established partnerships to fulfill the need if onsite support is required outside our service area.

  • How can Nutmeg Technologies save my organization money?

    We can benefit you with increased operational efficiency and resiliency. Capital costs can be reduced with a predictable monthly fee for accurate budgeting. Having maintenance such as patching antivirus protection and backups centrally managed, paired with a plan and resources for business continuity/disaster recovery, the unpredictable costs of emergency repairs are eliminated.

  • How do I get started with Nutmeg Technologies Managed IT Services?

    Call us at 877-688-6344 or