Our Approach to Managed Services



Whether you engage Nutmeg Technologies for a one-time project or as a full services Managed IT Provider, we apply the same proven approach.


managed ITManaged IT Services Provider


    As your partner in technology we want you to stay focused on growing your business and keeping your users productive. Our process has proven successful in pairing strategies with scalable technology that will fit the needs of your business and support your growth. Innovative technology will be the driving force of productivity while also improving performance: reducing costs before you know it.


    As your partner, we are always by your side to mitigate threats and respond to incidents that emerge. We continually evaluate your technology for improvements. We will always keep track of your assets and their expected lifetime; this way you can have up to date status reports on your equipment that can be used to make cost-effective risk remediation decisions about your information infrastructure.


    We take a holistic look at your business and evaluate all data and information that will lead us to a solution. Then we recommend an innovative approach that addresses all of the needs that have been uncovered through the discovery. Our team of engineers develop custom solutions that set strategies in motion to optimize your business. Our experts will put your newly designed plan into action while making sure your technology and processes are integrated to enhance and enable long term productivity and growth.


    Utilizing the latest technologies our experts are able to easily deploy software services, define user access and privileges as well as install appropriate business applications with little to no interruption to the end user. All of this will increase the productivity and efficiency of each user.


    We take pride in delivering consistent processes and communication. Our approach streamlines issue management, security management, release management and patch management. We keep you informed so you can manage your business, not your IT.


    First we identify and catalogue all attached company assets. We listen and understand your business plans and your goals, identify pains and challenges, then we set and clarify your ideal approach.


    Once our proven approaches for streamlined support are in place, we will host a brief training session for users. This training gives each user firsthand knowledge on how to access support while ensuring a consistent end user experience.


    “Managed Services” is an umbrella term referring to the way in which experts armed with automated tools, agents, and software help manage systems centrally, instead of maintaining every piece of hardware separately. Nutmeg’s “Managed Services” increase business flexibility and scaling, ease network management, foresee issues before they turn into problems, and helps keep client fees as low as possible by maximizing the potential of your environment.


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