Intelligent Security Solutions

Video Surveillance and Security Cameras 

Surveillance systems cover an assortment of application needs, ranging from vigourous outdoor camera, to subtle products for sensitive environments. Nutmeg Technologies can help you determine what is best for your company goals and needs. We will take you through all the specific steps that are necessary to bring your system above today's standards. You will be provided with solutions that are expandable and customized, while considering future business needs. 

Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems:

  • Effective monitoring of key business areas
  • Ability to view your building from remote locations
  • Enhances workplace safety for employees
  • Provides documentation to help protect against unjustified workman’s compensation claims
  • Increased productivity from employees
  • Loss Prevention
  • Visual Theft Deterrence

Nutmeg Technologies offers custom video surveillance packages. Our specialists can ensure the layout, design, installations and maintenance of your system will meet or exceed your expectations.


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